Astrological Remedies to Bring Happiness in Your Home

Each one of us keeps putting efforts to add a small extra amount of happiness and bliss at our home. After all, the love among family members, positivity, health, good vibes & prosperity is what makes a home small living heaven on earth for every family. Traditionally, our folks had a lot of ways to ward off all the negativity and welcome goodness. Well, in the modern era as well, we can adjoin those remedies to draw prosperity at our homes. Thus, here are a few Astrological Remedies by expert Astrologers to attract happiness at your home.

Easy Astrological Remedies for Home

  • To begin with, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Identical to its shape it has a great significance in Astrology. In a Horoscope. Jupiter represents a person’s learning and it governs over the character of a person. It is easy to please planet Jupiter, you can perform charity, offer donation and bestow happiness to others.
  • Moon, an illuminating planet rules over our soul and mind. Thus, if you are experiencing extreme mental stress they should eat and drink in silver utensils to please planet Moon. It also wards off the negative effect of Rahu from life.
  • To begin with, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Identical to its shape it has a great significance in Astrology. In a Horoscope. Jupiter represents a person’s learning and it governs over the character of a person. It is easy to please planet Jupiter, you can perform charity, offer donation and bestow happiness to others.
  • Peepal tree and planet Saturn have a significant connection. It is believed that peepal is dainty Shani or Saturn. Thus, on Saturday you can offer oil to Peepal tree and lit a Diya to get rid of the malefic impact of Saturn.
  • Kartikeya or Skanda is also known as Warrior God, he is the deity of planet Mars. Therefore, you can worship him to strengthen planet Mars. In addition, worshipping Lord Hanumana also brings great impact, thus, you can chant Hanuman Chalisa every day.
  • One of the most effective remedies for Mercury is “Chhaya Daan”. In the morning, see your face in a plate full of oil. Further, donate the oil to a needy. In addition, you can fee cows, provide donations, and do not keep birds in a cage at your home.
  • Sun is a warm planet that signifies warmth, pride, and father. A great remedy for Sun is to serve your father and other elderly figures with the utmost respect. In addition, chant Gayatri Mantra. Also, to perform charity, you can donate jaggery and wheat to people in a need.
  • Venus a planet that rules over joy, pleasure, and romance in our life. To please planet Venus, you can donate chana and white things like white rice, white clothes, cream, and curd to women.
  • In Vedic Astrology, Ketu is a spiritual celestial that governs over a native’s spiritual aspect of life. To please Ketu and add spiritualism in your life, you can donate mustard oil and blankets to people who need it.
  • Rahu signifies your past, your obsession, and your deepest desires. When in a malefic position in a horoscope, it draws a tremendous negative impact. To cut this impact, you can drink water through silver utensils. You can keep fennel seeds beneath your pillow if you face issues in sleeping. Also, you should wear clothes in a dark blue color as much as possible it pleases Rahu.

Astrological Tips to Bring Goodluck at Home

Main Door

Dust and dirt restrict the way for positivity at home. Therefore firstly, you must keep your home clean. Also, to avert the negative effect of Rahu, put some Mishri, some silver, black lentils, and gomed stone together and either hand or bury it in the entrance. In addition, put a doormat near the door, it absorbs all the negative energies at the door.

The front gate similar to being a way to enter the house for people is the doorway to the various kind of energies. In addition to it looking beautiful, it should be free from clutter and adorn by fresh flowers. To welcome all the positive energy at home, avoid hanging the mirror in front of the doorway. Also, fresh & clean water a great source of vibrant and affluent energies, thus a water fountain (whether big or small) on the front gate would always bring Goodluck.

Living Area

A living room of the house welcomes all the visitors. Herein, every family spends a great time with each other. This area composes an uncountable amount of memories of togetherness, quality of life, laughter and joy. Thus, to attract good luck, this room should always be clean.

According to expert Astrologers, the setting of this room plays a considerable role in drawing goodness at a house. Thus, you should not place your sofa right against the wall, always remember to leave a little space between the wall and sofas. Also, you can place oval shape decorative pieces at your table. It both compliment the beauty of the living room and bring good luck and positive energies. In addition, you can keep a Crystal chandelier and a buddha statue can embrace the traditional Feng Shui charm.


In accordance with Vedic Astrology, the staircase of a house can either add in the happiness or challenge of a family. The staircase your house should not face the doorway, east and southwest directions. However, if you have any such situation already at your home, thus, as an Astrological Remedies prevent the use of any metal in the staircase.

Pooja Room

Typically, clove is a common ingredient used in cooking in Indian houses. However, it can ensure happiness and enhance financial gains as well. During worship, offer a clove daily to Goddess Lakshmi to attract fortune. Also, by adorning the house’s cash box or shop with Gomti Chakra, Seven Sulaimani Haqiq, and Eleven Kaudis natives can also have her blessings. Also, to maintain harmony at home, you can draw Eleven Siddha Gomti Chakra in your Pooja Room.

According to the Best Astrologers of India, the Pooja Room is one of the most important portions of a house. It brings fortune when we worship God. However, a significant placement of the worship area is also important. You should never keep your pooja room beneath the staircase it causes your family members walking over the entire area which brings bad results.


Every balcony has an uncountable collection of flashbacks of rains in monsoon, wind in the summer and Sun in the winters. It is one of those portions every family cherishes throughout for versatile causes. Every house must have one such area to enjoy nature and make memories. To add spiritual values and prosperity, you can place good luck plants in your balcony. However, do not forget to take proper care of your plants.


To relax, have secret talks, and enjoy privacy, everybody goes to their bedrooms. For this reason, it is important to attract a peaceful environment in this room.

Significantly, the walls of the room, their color, and furnishing play a great role in making an environment of bedroom both lively & harmonious. According to the Vastu experts, the walls should be soothing colors like for instance, white or beige. Many people place Televisions in their room which absolutely opposes the purpose of a bedroom. Thus, choose light colors, relaxing lights, and plush mattresses to bring good energies. Also, avoid the storage and drawers beneath the bed. It averts positive energy flow in the room.