Astrological Remedies

Why Vedic Remedies are required?

  • A horoscope represents the combined energy system of the 9 planets including Rahu & Ketu. Any imbalance of the planetary energy in a chart creates a need for adopting measures to balance out the energy. This, in simple terms is the way Astrological Remedies work to balance out the energy system in your life.

  • We are humans, we make mistakes. We suffer due to our temptations and troubles in this life and even for our past life karma. This comes up in form of negative influences in the horoscope. Certain areas of life being represented by them appear unfulfilled and troubled zones. This can be understood as a negative imbalance in the chart and can be helped by remedies. Remedies can help strengthen or weaken a planet. It’s like an expert’s prescription based on the diagnosis.

  •  Think of Sun. Its energy can be felt through the light and heat but when you are in a closed room, you would be unable to experience it and all you see is darkness. You need to lift the window blinds to let the energy in. In astrological terms, this window blind represents a malefic aspect of other planets over Sun in form of an eclipse, position in enemy sign, debilitation or placement in negative houses like 6th, 8th and 12th. To open those window blinds, you need remedies. Remedies work both ways - they can activate and re energize a weak planet or nullify the impact of a strong malefic planet.


Please note:

Astrology remedies are a means to heal, not prevent every possible loss. Your karma manifests in this life so there is no running away from it. You also need to experience pain, learn from your mistakes and only then true healing begins. Letting go, charity, fasting, volunteering are few effective ways but all remedies should be done with a serious approach and sense of responsibility and not to be carried out as barter with God.

Different Ways / Means of Astrological Remedies:

There are several ways and methods to perform remedies that align with Vedic astrology principles.  


How Vedic Mantras work?

Mantras are sound vibrations grouped together & chanted to propitiate planets. By chanting Mantras, not only we pay respect to the corresponding planet but also become one with their energy. The Mantra gets activated by perfusing into that part of your body or the cells that it correlates with, which are ultimately made of the tatva corresponded to that planet. Mantra requires the use of the power of your Mana, meaning mind (Man + tra). It is a relatively safer form of remedy with little or no side effect. We can use Mantra and meditation to ward off negative energy that may be troubling us like an overly strong & malefic Rahu, Mars and Saturn. It may not be advisable to strengthen these planets using gemstone. Propitiation of planets in this case using meditation techniques is a better way of remedies. 


Tantras are the rituals and actions performed in order to free oneself from the negative impact of planets. Tantras are actions performed for the enlightenment of the soul and in doing so, you need to use the power of your 'Tana', that is body.


Yantra refers to the devices, symbols or processes used to balance the mind and concentrate your energy on to the concepts that the Yantra represents. Yantras can have geometric patterns imprinted comprising of squares, circles and so on and these shapes represent some spiritual power or concept. Sri Yantra is one of the most common Yantra used which has geometrical patterns that represent the Universe, hinting towards the unanimity of the subject and object - of human and divine.


Through the dawn of history, gemstones have been thought to carry talismanic value. The Navagraha concept is specifically popular in Vedic astrology. According to this, each gemstone represents a certain planet and based on the strength or weakness of the planet in the horoscope, a gemstone is recommended to either strengthen or pacify the planet.