Mind related issues

If you're noticing that both your memory and your energy level in your body is decreasing, then start eating about 100gm of grapes everyday and start including some gram flour along with wheat flour to make your chapatis or bread. These will improve your energy as well as your memory.

If you feel nervous when going out in the Sun, have some "mishri" with some melon juice (or eat about 100 gm melon and chew on some mishri) before going out. This will remove if not reduce the problems you may have from the Sun.

If you continuously see yourself dying in your dreams, then everyday start doing Mahamrityunjaya mantra 5 x 108 times a day for 11 days. It should calm your mind.

If you ever feel like crying, then don't try to suppress your tears. It leads to your thoughts being clouded and causes some sort of bodily pains or problems. Let as much tears our as you can. You will be stronger and fitter after the crying.

Difficulty Understanding Complicated Issues:
Move your hands and feet - shake them like after a workout.
Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth and then concentrate on the issue. It should be easier to concentrate.

Mood Swings: Donate yoghurt to temples on Wednesdays . The problem will go away slowly.

People who suffer from anxiety or high blood pressure should drink juice of sweet lemon to reduce any problems.

Everyone should eat almonds as it improves your brain and it gives you more control over your senses. It also helps children control their anger. Soak them in water overnight - peel them in the morning and then eat them.

Using dalchini oil removes anger and makes the brain sharper.

If the lower part of your back feels heavy, then stop using eating things which create gas (eggplant, chan dal (yellow gram), urad (black lentils), cauliflower, peas, etc..), or if you eat at a time which causes gas - then don't eat food at that time and don't sit for too long.

Gold is considered a warm element and silver is considered a cold element. This is why copper and brass are used in utensils that not only have a cooling effect on us but also have good metals that our bodies need. Gold is advised when someone is afraid; silver is given to someone who gets angry easily; copper is used to give to people who are experiencing problems with Vaat & Pitta.

If you're depressed, don't stop praying or going on walks. Start saying to yourself that "you are in this world to get rid of others' fears" - this will ultimately lead in you becoming fearless and hence will help you get rid of your depression.

After Sunset, your digestive system's capacity to process food decreases, so one shouldn't eat very rich food after sunset. It doesn't allow the Pitta to get regulated. Eating light foods only after sunset improves your personality and your willpower along with reducing Pitta related problems.

If you suffer from too much headache, watch the Sun every morning and do pranayam along with "manduk-asana" in front of the Sun to improve headaches.

If your child does not have patience, start giving water to the child in a silver container and have him ingest some honey, walnuts and almonds.

To get rid of addiction, mix some ground "ajwain", black salt, and 4 pieces of black pepper and start adding this mixture to your plate of food regularly. The next thing to do is to drink a cup of "ajwain" water along with some freshly squeezed lemon juice half an hour before sleeping. This also reduces the tendency to take intoxicating substances. Lastly, take some "narangi" tree's root and wear it around the neck in an orange thread around the neck on a Thursday.

If your child is getting too egoistic, then have the child donate some milk on Mondays and some honey on Thursdays - these donations should be given to some place of worship - regardless of any religion. The ego in the child will slowly and gradually start to disappear.

If your child starts cribbing for small things, start giving them coconut water to drink during the day.

There are some people who are always irritated by others. They feel that others keep making mistakes that causes them to be irritated by them. Such people should try to remember that others may also get irritated by them. Such people will benefit from wearing silver and pearl; on shukla-paksh phase of the Moon, put some water in a glass made of silver and start reciting "om sharm shreem shrom sah chandramasay namah"; they will also benefit from collective meditation. All of these will make the person more positive.

If you feel more jealous and hence feel more frustrated with yourself, start offering sweet chapattis to sparrows regularly - it will make you positive over time.

If you suffer from mood swings, take some ashwagand root or some ashwagand branch and suck on it.

If you feel anxious, start breathing from just your left nostril by closing the right nostril and concentrating on your breath. You should feel relief in just a minute of doing this.

If everyone in the home has headaches, then do remedies for the Sun. Do Gayatri yag on Sundays and Tuesdays as it's a bad sign that everyone is getting the headaches.

If your mind is very sad, then start concentrating on the child form of Shri Krishna. This will bring calmness and happiness in you.

If you have problems taking some decision, sit in meditation, concentrate on Ma Saraswati, do the mantra "om hring saraswatay namaha" for 108 times with the help of a "kamalgatta" bead. Then take the deicison. It should prove helpful in taking the right decision and reducing the anxiety.

If you're going for an interview, make sure you eat something sweet, a green cardamom (elaichi) and have some lukewarm water before leaving your home. Also, as you're about to enter the interview room, mentally picture your isht giving you blessings. This should ensure that you do well in the interview.