Health Astrology

We provide accurate and genuine medical astrology report. We create your card based on your Zodiac-sign, place of planets in your kundli, position of sun and moon. We already creates thousand’s of report for the people and they satisfied with our services. they got tremendous result in their health problems. We have 98% happy customer base.

Health Astrology or Medical Astrology is an ancient applied branch of astrology. in this branch astrologer calculate your health your body part liver, kidney, heart, blood etc..

Different remedial measures for improving health-

1- Sandhya Karma:

In sandhya karma brahmin looks at sun and chants gayatri mantra through which lord sun is worshipped. Sandhya means time of Sun rise. After sun rise if one looks at sun daily for 30 to 45 minutes immunity gets restored thoroughly and success and intelligence level also goes up. Continuous practice of one year can improve immune system in a miraculous way. Sun can be seen only till 45 minutes after Sun rise. After 45 minutes bad and harmful rays start emitting. The same practice can be started 45 minutes before sunset till sun set. This is known as Evening Sandhya time.

2- Surya Namsakar:

Regular practice of suryanamaskar restores immunity quickly.

3- Arghya

God loves water so offer water to Sun daily for improving health and reputation.

4- Yantra

Keep Surya yantra at place of worship and chant aditya hridya stotra or Avaran puja of Surya Yantra daily.

5- Gem

The natives of those Lagnas (Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarious, Taurus, & Aquarius) for whom Sun is Karaka, well placed in an auspicious house in a friendly sign the gem of Sun Ruby proves highly beneficial for the restoration of immunity.

6- Yoga

Do yogasnas regularly to make your body flexible.

7- Pranayam

Dor breathing exercises regularly to overcome all diseases and restore immunity with a revolutionary speed. Pranayama is best Tapasaya as it overcomes sins and makes the path of realisation of god easier.

8- Meditation

Perfect immune system and healthy body is needed for making our body suitable for following strenuous discipline like Pranayama. After doing Pranayama concentration level enhances and it becomes easier to do meditation. Meditation improves mental health and eventually physical health too

9- Mantra Jap

Chant Mahamrityunjay mantra 108 times daily.

10- Early Sleep, Early Rise

Early to rise and early to sleep makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

11- Walk

Before doing Pranayam walk for at least two kilometeres daily.